Work experience

CloudSense Ltd.

Jan 2013—Current

Flex Consultant

Software development for the Salesforce platform

KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc.

Nov 2010—Jan 2013

Software Developer

Written specifications and documentation for software in energy business. Developed web services in C# language. Developed Java portlets for WebSphere Portal Server. Currently developing Spring-backed Java portlets with ExtJS front-end for WebSphere Portal Server.

British Council Croatia

Nov 2009—Jun 2011

IT Assistant

Developed software for calculating statistical information on accomplished results in language certificate examinations and notifying clients by e-mail in C#. Documents with clear instructions were provided for most of the administrative tasks.

Faculty of Science, Mathematics Department

Oct 2010—Jun 2011

Associate Lecturer

Taught Data Structures and Algorithms and Computer Practicum 1 (C++ and OOP) courses.

Data Structures and Algorithms is a compulsory sophomore year undergraduate course at the Mathematics Department. Basic data structures (list, stack, queue, tree, binary tree, set, dictionary, priority queue) and appropriate algorithms are taught.

Computer Practicum 1 is a compulsory sophomore year undergraduate course at the Mathematics Department. Basic object-oriented programming concepts (classes, inheritance) are taught in C++ language along with language-specific features (parametrized functions and structures, references, const, static, operators, functors, STL).


University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science


Master of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics

Gpa: 4.39/5, cum laude

Thesis: Development of an information system supporting continuous learning assessment
Advisor: Assistant Professor Luka Grubišić, Ph.D

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics



C#, Windows Forms


Java, PL/SQL, MySQL, C/C++


PHP, JavaScript


Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
LanguageListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken productionWriting

Student projects

Data Mining Cup 2010

Our submission made heavy use of Parallel Random Forest Algorithm developed at the Ruđer Bošković Institute. We were ranked 25/67 with 10461,5 points (winner at 12545,5).

Symbolic derivator

Expert system for symbolic derivation written in CLIPS, C and C# with LaTeX input notation and Windows Forms GUI front-end.

Bee Colony Optimization algorithm

Implementation of a Bee Colony Optimization algorithm for solving TSP problems as described in articles by Teodorović, Dušan. Also makes use of 2-opt heuristic for fixing paths, simulated annealing for generating initial solutions, OpenGL for dynamic visualization. Written in C++.

Automatic timetabling

A module of software developed for my graduating thesis uses simulated annealing algorithm to automatically produce a timetable for project teams to present their projects to teaching staff.

Standard genetic algorithm with binary representation

Written in C, includes one point, two-point and uniform recombination, one-point mutation, three-tournament selection, elitism. Can use Gray or standard binary code. Tested on Ackley, Rastrigin and Rosenbrock functions.